Namings, Commitments, Renewal of Vows, Life Celebrations

By holding a Civil Ceremony, you can capture those milestone moments through celebration. As your celebrant I will help you can make your special occasion a truly memorable and heartfelt day. There is such a wide range of ceremonies that bring meaning and purpose to our lives.

Naming Ceremonies

There are many reasons to hold a naming ceremony. It could be to welcome a newborn into the unity of family and friends, to embrace older or adopted children, it could be to celebrate the blending of a family or to simply honour a name change. In the case of baby naming ceremonies, parents may ask other adults to play a supportive role to their child, ie grandparents, godparents, mentors. Poems and readings may be included along with symbolic gestures such as lighting of candles or releasing of balloons. I have lots of ideas! As a keepsake, certificates will be presented along with a bound copy of the ceremony. Naming Ceremonies

"It was so lovely to have Ketrina perform our little girls naming day!! It was so beautiful, she had some lovely suggestions and was very patient with a very stressed mum. Cannot wait for her to be the celebrant on our wedding day!"

Molly's Mummy, Kirstan

It would be a true honour for me to hold your Naming Ceremony. I have two little boys of my own, for which we held a Naming Ceremony last year. A heart felt occasion, shared with family and friends and welcoming our little ones into the world…beautiful! We had lots of fun too!

Commitment Ceremonies

Gaining popularity, Commitment Ceremonies are an opportunity to celebrate the unity of loved ones, lifelong partners and soul mates. They are meaningful and heartfelt occasions shared with family and friends and may include exchanging of rings/gifts, commitment vows and their declaration of love. Such ceremonies are ideal for couples, regardless of gender, race or beliefs, who are very much in love and wish to spend their lives together without the involvement of legal paper work. Same-Sex couples are unable to marry under Australian law, this will hopefully change in the future, but in the mean-time Commitment Ceremonies are a beautiful and joyous way to celebrate their love and commitment for each other. As with all Civil Ceremonies, Commitment Ceremonies offer freedom of choice in everyway. Celebrations can be held wherever, whenever and however desired!! They allow couples to celebrate what is really important to them and to share it with the world.

Renewal of Vows

A perfect way of expressing your love and commitment for one another after years together. Or a wonderful opportunity for those who have married overseas but wish to share a ceremony with family and friends at home.

Life Celebrations

There are so many other Life Celebrations that I’m more than happy to hold; House Warmings, special birthdays, divroce ceremonies, launchings, blending of families.